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blocked Drains/Blockages

Drains and pipes get blocked on a regular basis. Many people will wash dirt and grim down drains without realising that grease and sediment can build up to eventually prevent any fluid flow.

Larger items sometimes get added to the problem while tree roots and leaves can complicate matters further.

With 30 Years of experience and a focus on finding and removing blockages, Blockages Today have the experience, equipment and training to ensure we can get the job done right for you.

Think you have a blocked drain? Call us and let our experienced plumbing team resolve the issue for you!

blocked sewer drains

Finding you have a blocked sewer drain is a problem no Melbourne homeowner wants. However, if you have foul odours coming  from your toilet, sinks or drains, it could indicate a blocked sewer drain. Also, if you notice sewage backing up through the pipes, it also means you could have a blocked sewer.

It is important to get your blocked drain looked quickly so that you do not risk causing structural damage to your Melbourne home.

Think you have a blocked sewer drain? Call us and let our experienced plumbing team resolve the issue for you!

blocked Stormwater drains

The most common reasons for blockages in storm water drains relate to environmental matter:  leaves, dirt and in many instances, garden covering materials like bark and mulch cause problems in drains. Often tree roots infiltrate old or broken pipes in search of water. They grow and block drainpipes. Ensuring that your storm water drain is clear and free from blockages is important to safeguard your home from possible damage. Blockages Today use electric and high-pressure jetting drain cleaning machines to perform routine cleaning of drains as well as prompt attendance in the case of an emergency giving you peace of mind.

Think you have a blocked storm water drain? Call us and let our experienced plumbing team resolve the issue for you!

blocked toilets

Unfortunately, blocked toilets are more common than you think for Melbourne households so you need to be aware of the signs. For example, if your toilet gurgles when you flush it, this is a sign of a blockage. The sound happens because the blockage restricts ventilation, causing air to be sucked back through the water. This indicates an almost fully blocked pipe.An unusually high or low water level in the toilet bowl also signals a blockage. If the water drains slowly after flushing, your toilet is likely blocked.

If your toilet is blocked, do not flush it, as this could cause sewage to spill onto your bathroom floor. And remember don’t flush anything down the toilet – eg nappies and paper towels.

Think you have a blocked toilet? Call us and let our experienced plumbing team resolve the issue for you!

General plumbing

General plumbing is best done by a professional and licensed plumber. This is the best way to guarantee that your plumbing repair or installation is done properly and complies with current plumbing regulations when things go wrong with your plumbing fixtures around the house.

Our plumbing team members are fully licensed and insured plumbers and experienced in all facets of general plumbing.

Let the Blockages Today plumbers provide you with an honest, competitive price for your plumbing needs with No Hidden Fees.

CCTV drain inspection

If you suspect your drains might be leaking or blocked, it is a great option to have a CCTV drain inspection completed.

Our CCTV drain camera will travel down your drain and identify any blockages or damage visible from inside the drain. We can even identify exactly how far from the drain access problems are located. This provides superior understanding for correcting problems.

Alternatively, CCTV drain inspections can be used to confirm the condition of drains and demonstrate when they are in perfect working order.