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Blocked stormwater drains

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No Melbourne homeowner wants to find out they have a blocked stormwater drain. Unfortunately, they are surprisingly common. Blockages in stormwater drains often occur due to environmental factors like leaves, dirt and garden debris – including bark and mulch getting into the drain. The build up of sediment over time may also be a cause of a blocked stormwater drain.

However, one of the most common reasons is tree roots pentrating old or damaged pipes, growing inside and causing blockages. 

Blockages Today are equipped with advanced technology, including CCTV drain cameras. As well, we stay up to date on industry best practices,. This means we not only clear existing blocked stormwater drains but also implement preventive measures to help stop them in the future.

With over 30 years of experience in finding and fixing blocked stormwater drains you can rely on Blockages Today!

how to tell if your melbourne home has a blocked stormwater drain

If it is raining heavily and water is overflowing from the gutters of your Melbourne home,  instead of flowing through the downpipe, it is a sign that you have a blocked stormwater drain or downpipe. This happens due to back pressure caused by the blockage, diverting water over the gutter.

Also, if your property floods during heavy rain it is another strong sign that there is a blockage in your stormwater drain. Similarly, flooded drain grates during downpours indicate the need to check for blockages.

If you notice a foul odour, it is another indication of a blocked stormwater drain or pit. Stagnant water from a blocked stormwater drain releases unpleasant smells and attracts insects like mosquitoes.

Water stains on walls, ceilings or on the roof may signal a potential stormwater blockage caused by internal water trickling. Similarly, wet patches on wooden surfaces, like in the attic or on roof rafters and beams, due to prolonged wetness, could indicate that water is not flowing down downpipes but is escaping into your home and causing damage

How we will fix your blocked stormwater drain

In our two part process, we make sure we first identify the cause and location of the blocked stormwater drain. As a result, we can get your stormwater drain unblocked as fast as possible!

STEP ONE – When dealing with a blocked stormwater drain, the first step is to find where the blockage is located. Different tools and methods are used depending on the blockage’s position. Often, we use a CCTV camera to accurately locate the blockage.

STEP TWO – Once the blockage has been located, Blockages Today use electric and high-pressure jetting drain cleaning machines to perform routine cleaning of drains. If a blockage cannot be cleared, with the water jetter, we do an excavation and replacement of the damaged section of the stormwater pipe.

how to avoid a blocked stomwater drain in your melbourne home

Here are a few tips on how to avoid blocked stormwater drains – and remember the quicker you get a blocked stormwater drain fixed the better. So if you suspect you have a blocked stormwater drain give Blockages Today a call.

  • Regular maintenance to remove debris and prevent sediment buildup.
  • Proper disposal of garden waste
  • Trim tree roots regularly to prevent them from infiltrating stormwater pipes and causing blockages.
  • Install gutter guards to prevent leaves and other debris from entering your stormwater drainage system
  • Avoid planting trees or shrubs with invasive root systems near stormwater drains
  • Maintain downpipes